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Live Jellyfish Food Enriched Brine Shrimp + (TRADE) (SUBSCRIPTIONS)



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Lite Plan

From £2.99

For small aquariums with up to three jellyfish. Choose how many food packs each week…

One Pack / week

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Two Pack’s / week

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Three Pack’s / week

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Four Pack’s / week

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Standard Plan

From £3.99

For moderate aquariums with up to five jellyfish. Choose how many food packs each week…

One Pack / week

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Two Pack’s / week

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Three Pack’s / week

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Four Pack’s / week

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Plus Plan

From £4.99

For large aquariums with ten or more jellyfish. Choose how many food packs each week…

One Pack / week

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Two Pack’s / week

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Three Pack’s / week

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Four Pack’s / week

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Live Brine shrimp from UK Jellyfish

Live Jellyfish Food is the best source of nutrition for your jellies. Enriched Brine shrimp give your jellyfish the proteins needed for healthy growth.

Live food also keeps your tank free from food settling on the bottom of the aquarium.

Clean aquarium and a healthy treat for your jellyfish!

Brine shrimp is the main source of food your jellyfish would eat if they were in the wild. Providing them with all the right proteins for growth, energy and repair.

Our unique live jellyfish food is bred and fed at UK Jellyfish to induce incredible growth rates and strong healthy jellyfish.

Please choose how many jellyfish you have in the dropdown options and we will send you one feed for your jellyfish.

Subscribe to Live food and Save! Contact us at info@ukjellyfish.co.uk for more information.

To save on live food and keep your aquarium water crystal clear subscribe to live food delivery, we will deliver the food right to your doorstep!

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Feed For...

Three Jellyfish, Five Jellyfish, Ten Jellyfish


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