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UK Jellyfish are the UK’s top breeders and retailers of the healthiest pet jellyfish. We have everything you need to start keeping jellyfish.

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Live Jellyfish

Raised in the UK under quarantined conditions we breed and supply the healthiest pet jellyfish.

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Jellyfish Aquariums

Beautifully designed, high quality jellyfish tanks for sale in the UK.

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Jellyfish Food

We sell a range of high quality jellyfish food to feed your live pet jellyfish.

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Specialist Jellyfish Breeders & Retailers of Pet Jellyfish, Aquariums, Food & Accessories

Welcome to UK Jellyfish – Specialist breeders and retailers of the healthiest Live Pet Jellyfish. As well as live jellyfish we also sell a range of stylish Jellyfish aquariums, jellyfish food and everything else you need to look after your pet Jellyfish.

With our own UK breeding programme we supply hobbyists, aquariums, aquatic stores & many more with these fascinating creatures.

UK Jellyfish provide everything you need to keep live jellyfish successfully & with friendly customer service you can always contact us if you need help!

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Let us help you choose the right jellyfish tank…

Choosing the right aquarium is very important after all this will be the home for your pet jellyfish.

Compare all the key features of each aquarium and see which tank is made for you…

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All Inclusive Jellyfish Packages

Keep things simple with an all inclusive jellyfish aquarium package. Everything you need to get started including:

  • Jellyfish Aquarium
  • Live Jellyfish & Care Guide
  • Pre-mixed Saltwater
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Jellyfish Food

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