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Hi, We are UK Jellyfish!

We’ve been breeding and keeping pet jellyfish for over 11 years now. Jellyfish have always fascinated us, their delicate structure and mesmerising movements catch our eye’s every time. 

Jellyfish aren’t your standard pet, however, we realised that everyone who saw the jellyfish, wanted a jellyfish! After years of research, trial and error we have perfected an in house breeding system that raises the jellyfish from infancy to their medusa stage.

Some people say to us “Jellyfish are beautiful, but they must be so hard to keep!”, in reality however jellyfish are no different to keeping any other fish. Jellyfish are a fun, beautiful and educational pet to keep. We want to share the joy of having a pet jellyfish with everyone!

So join us in the world of jellyfish and get involved. Are you Jelly?