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Jellyfish Nano Aquarium C8 – Starter kit


The new Jellyfish Nano Aquarium C8 is the perfect kit for those looking to keep pet jellyfish at home or in the office.

  • Dimensions: 31cm tall x 20cm wide
  • 10 litres water volume
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Check product description below

Dry Food

Enough for 6 months

Additional jellyfish

Starter kit jellies are free of charge, but you can buy more for your aquarium

Additional bacteria

Nitrifying bacteria should be added throughout the aquarium's lifetime, one bottle approximately every 3 months.

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Our column jellyfish design aquarium is the perfect addition to any room in your home.

The tall, cylindrical shape of the tank allows you to view the mesmerizing jellyfish from all angles. The multi LED light system adds to the ambiance of the tank, creating a stunning visual display.

The column design takes up minimal floor space, making it a great option for smaller homes or apartments. It’s also easy to maintain, with a filtration system that keeps the water clean and clear.

Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or a beginner, you’ll love the simplicity and beauty of this jellyfish tank. It’s a unique and captivating way to bring a touch of the ocean into your home.



Our jellies do not have brain and do not even realize, if they are in ocean, or aquarium. This is most animal friendly setup you can get.

Starter kit includes:

  • 1x Jellyfish Nano Aquarium C8
  • 3x Moon Jellyfish
  • 1x Ocean Nutrition Instant Brine Shrimp (we recommend to order also JellyFuel – dry jellyfish food)
  • 1 x Starter bacterias 20 ml
  • 1x Chemi-Pure Blue Nano
  • 1x NO3 test
  • 1x Most Accurate Refractometer
  • 1x Red Sea Salt | 2 kg (60l)
  • 1x cleaning set
  • Filtration material
  • Feeding pipette
  • DC pump
  • Multi led light with controller

Colour Changing LEDs

With just a press of a button, easily change between a choice of 15 colours! Or use one of 4 modes to let the tank cycle between colours in a smooth relaxing manner!

Why Moon Jellyfish?

Moon Jellyfish are the most popular and easiest of our species to look after. With no sting and beautiful appearance, especially under the tank’s lighting; Moon Jellies are the perfect starter choice of species.

Moon Jellies can also ‘heal up’ damage from missed water changes or poor water quality, so can deal with mistakes you might make in your first time keeping jellies.

Other jellyfish species are still easy to maintain, but have their own unique traits which require closer attention than Moons.

We have hand-picked this combination of tank and jellyfish to be ideal for first-time jellyfish owners.

What Maintenance Is Required?

  • Feed once a day
  • Change 25% of the tank’s water every 10 days
  • Add starter bacterias every 10 days with your water change
  • Rinse the sponge filter every month.
  • Clean up uneaten food debris as necessary (scrubbing brush included)

Jellyfish are no harder to keep than fish, you just need to follow some simple instructions!

How does it all work?

  1. First, we send you an aquarium and equipment with instructions.
  2. You assemble the aquarium according to the instructions, add starter bacteria, and wait 10 days for natural conditions to develop in the aquarium for jellyfish.
  3. You request jellyfish from us, and we will send them to you on your chosen date.

Why purchase now?

  • All-Inclusive Pricing: Our jellyfish aquarium starter kit comes at one comprehensive price, including not just the aquarium but also live jellyfish, essential equipment like sea salt, jellyfish food, water tests, and more. This ensures you have everything you need without any hidden costs or the need to purchase additional supplies.


  • High-Quality Equipment: All the equipment included in our starter kit is of very high quality, the same as we use in our specialized breeding lab. This means that you are getting professional-grade tools and supplies that are tested and proven to work well with jellyfish.


  • Easy Setup and Maintenance: With our detailed instructions and the high-quality equipment provided, setting up and maintaining your jellyfish aquarium is straightforward and simple. This makes our kit ideal for both beginners and seasoned aquarium enthusiasts.


  • Educational and Fascinating: Owning a jellyfish aquarium is not just about the beauty and tranquility it brings to your space; it’s also an educational journey. You’ll learn about the fascinating world of jellyfish and marine biology, making it a rewarding experience for individuals, families, and educational settings.


  • Support from Experts: Purchasing our jellyfish aquarium starter kit means you have the backing of our expertise. Since all the equipment is used by us in our specialized breeding lab, we can provide informed advice and support to help you maintain a healthy and vibrant jellyfish aquarium.

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Jellyfish Nano Aquarium C8 – Starter kit