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Jellyfish Sea Salt – 1KG


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1KG of marine salt for use in jellyfish aquariums. Simply mix with Pure RO water for optimal water quality for your jellyfish.

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1KG of jellyfish marine sea salt for use in jellyfish aquariums. Add this salt to RO (Reverse Osmosis) or DI (De-Ionised) water to make the perfect environment for Jellyfish.

Jellyfish are very sensitive to salinity so it’s vital you mix the correct amount of salt to water.

1KG of Jellyfish Sea Salt will mix with 30 Litres for the optimal salinity of 25-30 ppt.

Add 300 grams of Jellyfish Sea Salt to one of our RO water barrels for the optimal salinity.

To learn more about mixing salt with RO water check out our FAQ’s here.

We also recommend purchasing a Hydrometer which is a kit to test how much salt is in your water.


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Marine Grade salt for jellyfish
Jellyfish Sea Salt – 1KG