Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank
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Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank

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Based on the popular Medusa Desktop design the Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank is the perfect introductory tank for jellyfish keepers. Hand built in the UK the Medusa Mini has a 20 litre capacity and is capable of containing 5 medium moon jellyfish.

pay in monthly instalments: 6 x £32.50

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20 Litres


336mm (H) x 290mm (L) x 265mm (D)

Jellyfish Capacity

5 Medium Moon Jellyfish

The Perfect Starter Jellyfish Tank

If you’re looking to start keeping jellyfish then the Medusa Mini Tank is great place to start

Getting set up is easy, simply follow our video guide. And if you need any help along the way then just get in touch.

Included with the Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank

Jellyfish tank LED lights

LED colour changing lights & remote control

Eheim 600 jellyfish tank pump

Powerful Eheim 300 pump

Bioballs jellyfish tank filtration

Mechanical & Biological Filtration

Installation & maintenance guide

Hand built in the UK for great quality

1 Year Warranty

Have peace of mind when you buy with our one year tank warranty. We’ll replace all the electrical’s free of charge if you have any issues. Included in the warranty is an acrylic refurbishment service, either we’ll collect the tank and treat the acrylic or supply you with an acrylic cleaning kit free of charge.

Price Match Guarantee

We Guarantee that this is the best price you can find for this product. If you find this product elsewhere for cheaper we will make up the difference and discount the product to the new price. We want to offer the best value possible for all our products.

Based on the popular Medusa Desktop design the Medusa Mini is the perfect introductory aquarium for jellyfish keepers. All our Medusa aquariums are hand built in the UK to guarantee the highest quality finish. The aquarium is manufactured from extra durable Perspex acrylic and comes with a clear acrylic lid.

Filtration is hidden at the rear of the aquarium enclosed in a sump unit. Included with the Medusa Mini is the filtration (Bioballs, floss foam mesh) and powerful yet silent Eheim 300 powerhead. To control the flow output there is an easy access flow restrictor at the top of the aquarium.

Additional information


20 Litres


Clear cast acrylic


336mm (H) x 290mm (L) x 265mm (D)

Number of jellyfish

5 medium jellyfish


Mechanical & Biological


  1. This aquarium is excellent. It looks great. The maintenance is easy and the jellyfish love it!
    The design is so simple and the unit incredibly well made – the Perspex really amplifies the effect of having these fascinating creatures in your home.
    The mini Medusa is an excellent choice for a beginner jellyfish enthusiast. The price is very reasonable for what you get and the quality.

  2. Don’t hesitate to buy
    We got our jellies earlier in the year and will not hesitate to buy some again when we are ready.
    Rory was brilliant, has a wealth of knowledge and was super helpful when our first tank unfortunately was damaged by the delivery company! He took the time to answer all our questions (completely new to marine world) and provided guidance on what needed to get started.
    The jellyfish come with a useful set of instructions and arrived as expected. They were pulsing a lot when we got them which was great to see also!

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