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Start Up Aquarium Water Treatment – Prodibio


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Use Prodibio Start Up to mature your jellyfish aquarium water in only 12 hours.

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Start Up Your Aquarium Quickly!

Use Prodibio Start Up to quickly mature your aquarium water.

Why do I need to mature my aquarium water?

Aquarium water needs to be mature before you introduce jellyfish.

Now you don’t need to wait for two weeks before introducing jellies.

Fill your aquarium quickly, introduce jellyfish to the aquarium in only 12 hours!

What is in Prodibio Start Up?

Start Up includes two glass vials with the following contents:

  • Live bacterial strains
  • Nitrates and phosphates are removed
  • Enables water to be effectively purified
  • Prevents the spread of algae
  • Converts ammonia into nitrogen protecting your jellyfish.
  • Ammonia Removal
  • Reduces nitrite production
  • Matures the salt water ready for jellyfish introduction

When should Probidio Start Up be used ?

Probidio Start Up should be used when you start a saltwater aquarium.

How much Prodibio do I need?

Two vials of Start Up Prodibio will condition 0-60 Litre aquariums.

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