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Purple Striped Jellyfish


Our Purple Striped Jellyfish have a bell diameter of 3-5 cm with long trailing tentacles reaching 30cm! Watch these beautiful jellyfish pulse gently through the water.





Striking purple striped jellyfish are silvery white with deep purple markings. These jellyfish draw their pray from the aquarium with long purple stinging tentacles.

Watch out! Purple striped jellyfish can sting humans even though it’s not dangerous it does hurt so handle with caution.

Supplied between 3-5cm diameter and 1 foot long tentacles!

Water Quality

Purple striped jellyfish can grow very big therefore they need to be in an aquarium with at least a capacity of 60 litres.

Temperature: 15-22 degrees C

Salinity: 33ppt

Ammonia: 0

Nitrates: 0


Purple striped jellyfish thrive on a mixed diet of live baby brine shrimp, adult brine shrimp and moon jellyfish. They should be fed live freshly hatched brine shrimp every day. Purple striped jellyfish will not grow well without being fed moon jellyfish. You can purchase frozen moon jellyfish from UK Jellyfish please get in touch for more information.


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Purple striped jellyfish pet jellyfish aquariums
Purple Striped Jellyfish