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Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish


Captive raised to produce the healthiest pet jellyfish. Watch the long mesmerising tentacles of the Japanese sea nettle in your home aquarium.


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Captive Bred high quality & healthy pet Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish.

Unlike wild jellyfish, regularly sold in the UK, our jellyfish are free from critical temperature, salinity and disease issues.

Our Japanese Sea nettle Jellyfish have a prolonged lifespan of 12 months due to in-house breeding.

Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish do sting so please handle with care. If you are stung seek medical advice.

Watch your live jellyfish as they pulsate around your aquarium.

Water Parameters

Temperature: 13-20 Degrees Centigrade

Salinity: 25-30ppt

Food: Live Baby Brine Shrimp, Moon Jellyfish (twice a month)


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