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Brine Shrimp Hatcher Kit


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This Brine Shrimp Hatcher Kit contains everything needed to hatch your own decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. The perfect jellyfish food.

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Hatch your own brine shrimp and save!

Jellyfish love brine shrimp! Now you can hatch your own shrimp using this hatching container.

Free standing hatchery to hatch your decapsulated brine shrimp eggs.

How to use:

    1. Set up the hatchery, add an air pump.
    2. Add salt water and then 5ml of decapsulated eggs.
    3. Wait for 24 hours and feed your fresh baby brine shrimp to your hungry jellies!

Watch the tutorial here:

Your hatchery comes complete with:

    1. Stand
    2. Hatching container
    3. Domed lid for container with O-ring
    4. Air inlet; extension hose
    5. Air outlet with foam inside
    6. Stop valve
    7. Artemia sieve
    8. Harvesting container
    9. Air hose 4/6 mm
    10. Aerator pump EcoAir 40
    11. Non-return valve for air
    12. Screws for wall mounting


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