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Regular Aquarium Water Treatment – Prodibio BioClean Nano


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Maintain a clean water environment for your jellyfish to thrive in using Prodibio BioClean.

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Keep Your Aquarium Clean!

Jellyfish thrive in a clean environment. Maintain your water quality using BioClean every two weeks.

What does Prodibio BioClean do?

  • Live bacterial strains
  • Nitrate and phosphate are removal
  • Enables water to be effectively purified
  • Prevents the spread of algae
  • Converts ammonia into nitrogen protecting your jellyfish
  • Ammonia, Nitrate and Phosphate eliminating
  • Keeping Water quality the purest

When should I use BioClean?

Use BioClean every two weeks after your 20% water change.

How much Prodibio BioClean should I use for my aquarium?

BioClean includes two types of chemicals, BioDigest and Bioptim, the combination of these two vials is to be added to the aquarium every two weeks at the water change.

One vial of BioDigest & one vial of Bioptim per 60 Litre’s of water every 2 weeks after a 20% water change.

How to use Prodibio BioClean:

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Number of Vials

4 Vials, 6 Vials, 30 Vials


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