The Dome Aquarium

The Dome Aquarium


Unique and beautiful jellyfish aquarium.

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Get ready to be amazed by your jellyfish aquarium!


dome aquarium engineering

The globe in Boro Glass

We have chosen one of the most resistant transparent materials : Boro 3.3, specifically created for laboratory use. Our globes are fabricated in Belgium and are specifically designed for jellyfish.

The StreamMaker

The StreamMaker has been developed for jellyfish and is manufactured out of a super clear acrylic.

The external filter

The Dome Tank was developed to be used with an external filter. The kit includes a JBL CristalProfi e702 (220V) external filter.  The filter is connected to the pump by hoses also included.

The base

The Dome Tank rests on a base which hides the hoses which connect the external filter. The base is manufactured from MDF and is 110cm high, and 32cm wide. Finished in a matt white paint to give a modern contemporary feel. A seamless door allows easy access to the external filter system & the lighting system (All included).

The quick fittings

The Dome Tank is attached to the filter by two quick fittings attached to the bottom of the globe. These fittings are self-locking, no liquid can escape when released. Releasing the quick fittings happens by the simple press of a button.

The lighting system

Powerful LED’s provide a beautiful display for the jellyfish inhabitants. RGB colour changing lights will transform your jellyfish and suit any environment. Remote also included.


How to feed the jellyfish

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Dome Aquarium, MDF White Base, External Filter


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