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Our Jellyfish Tank Packages include live Jellyfish and everything you need to start keeping jellyfish. Choose your jellyfish tank, add live moon jellyfish to your order and get the best price. Specially designed Jellyfish aquariums have curved edges and a constant flow system keeping the jellyfish in motion. UK Jellyfish will deliver your aquarium first & then the jellyfish on a date that suits you.

  • Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium
    jellyfish aquarium package parts

    Medusa Tank – With Cabinet Package

    Dimensions: 1350 (H) x 610 (L) x 325 mm (D), Suitable for up to 10 Jellyfish. • Includes Salt Water, JBL brine shrimp hatchery & more accessories worth over £235!

    Whats in the box?

    • Medusa aquarium
    • Moon jellyfish (Choose selection from menu)
    • Clear acrylic tubing
    • Cabinet (Gloss white finish)
    • JBL e402 external filter
    • LED colour changing light with remote
    • 50 Litres of salt water
    • API Saltwater Test kit
    • JBL Brine shrimp hatchery
    • Sample of decapsulated brine shrimp eggs
    • Sample of live baby brine shrimp
    • Prodibio StartUp water treatment
    • Prodibio BioClean 4 vial water treatment
    • Salinity tester (Hydrometer)
    • Feeding pipette
    • Hydrometer
    • Pipe Cleaner

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