Which Jellyfish Tank?

Which Jellyfish Aquarium is right for you?

Choosing a jellyfish tank is a big decision, and let’s face it not a cheap decision! But we’re here to help… Take a look at the simple table below that compares the key aspect’s of each jellyfish tank.

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest aquarium however keep in mind the more you spend in the beginning the easier keeping jellyfish will be in the long term…

If you’re still not sure which aquarium is best please feel free to contact us.





Filtration & Features

Medusa Mini Jellyfish Aquarium Tank for keeping pet jellyfish at home.


20 Litres

4-5 Jellyfish

336mm tall x 290mm long x 265mm Deep

Powerhead driven filtration, sump unit including mechanical filter floss and biological bio balls.

Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Tank with Jellyfish


60 Litres

10-12 Jellyfish

50 cm (H) x 43 cm (L) x 43 cm (D)

Eheim powerhead driven filtration, Rear sump filtration, Filter floss, Filter Foam, Biological Balls. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension.

Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium


45 Litres

10 Jellyfish

135 x 61 x 33 cm

*Cabinet included in dimensions

Ehiem 703e external filter with filter floss, filter foam, phosphate removing media. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension. Clear acrylic pipes feeding aquarium, gloss white cabinet.

Jellyfish Dome Aquarium


Dome 30 Litres

Sump 15 Litres

6 Jellyfish

Aquarium 55  x 20 cm

Cabinet 110 x 32 x 32 cm

JBL 703e external filter with filter floss, filter foam, phosphate removing media. Sump Aquarium for water changes and feeding. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension. Aquarium manufactured out of Glass Boro 3.3, beautiful seamless white cabinet.

Take a look at what others are saying about our jellyfish tanks…

  • Bioluminescent algae at home buy

    PyroDinos – Bioluminescent Algae

    These pyro dinos are unusual and very different, they’re so beautiful! Great as a gift… Big thanks Rory For all your help and advice 🙂

    TrustPilot Review
  • Medusa Mini Jellyfish Aquarium Tank for keeping pet jellyfish at home.

    Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank

    Don’t hesitate to buy
    We got our jellies earlier in the year and will not hesitate to buy some again when we are ready.
    Rory was brilliant, has a wealth of knowledge and was super helpful when our first tank unfortunately was damaged by the delivery company! He took the time to answer all our questions (completely new to marine world) and provided guidance on what needed to get started.
    The jellyfish come with a useful set of instructions and arrived as expected. They were pulsing a lot when we got them which was great to see also!

    TrustPilot Review
  • Small Moon Jellyfish

    Small Moon Jellyfish

    Thank you. Fab service 5 star!

    TrustPilot Review
  • Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Tank Package

    I ordered a package including tank, all associated equipment and jellyfish. Great quality tank and very healthy jellyfish.
    Service from UK jellyfish was excellent and Rory (owner) was always keen to assist with any queries.
    I would highly recommend UK Jellyfish if you are thinking of going into jelly keeping.

    TrustPilot Review
  • Medusa Mini Jellyfish Aquarium package for pet jellyfish

    Medusa Mini Jellyfish Tank Package

    The company offering is great. Not having to mix my own salt water for Jellyfish has been a wonder… Working with Refractometers and Hydrometers are not my strongest point.
    The Jellyfish arrived on the date I requested, sturdy and strong packaging. The Jellyfish were healthy and much larger than I originally imagined.
    Perfect to also have a legit supplier in the UK – many I found were from EU which had long delays in shipment times.

    TrustPilot Review
  • Large Moon Jellyfish

    Large Moon Jellyfish

    Amazing experience from start to finish, I can not recommend this company enough, the jellyfish are amazing and is already sparking conversations between friends!! Rory has been great from the beginning!

    Top work guys thank you very much 🙂

    TrustPilot Review