Which Jellyfish Tank?

Which Jellyfish Aquarium is right for you?

Choosing a jellyfish tank is a big decision, and let’s face it not a cheap decision! But we’re here to help… Take a look at the simple table below that compares the key aspect’s of each jellyfish tank.

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest aquarium however keep in mind the more you spend in the beginning the easier keeping jellyfish will be in the long term…

If you’re still not sure which aquarium is best please feel free to contact us.





Filtration & Features


8 Litres

1-3 Jellyfish

31cm tall x 20cm wide

Air pump driven flow system, filter sponge

Medusa Jellyfish Aquarium with Jellyfish


60 Litres

10-12 Jellyfish

50 cm (H) x 43 cm (L) x 43 cm (D)

Eheim powerhead driven filtration, Rear sump filtration, Filter floss, Filter Foam, Biological Balls. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension.

Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium


45 Litres

10 Jellyfish

135 x 61 x 33 cm

*Cabinet included in dimensions

Ehiem 703e external filter with filter floss, filter foam, phosphate removing media. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension. Clear acrylic pipes feeding aquarium, gloss white cabinet.

Jellyfish Dome Aquarium


Dome 30 Litres

Sump 15 Litres

6 Jellyfish

Aquarium 55  x 20 cm

Cabinet 110 x 32 x 32 cm

JBL 703e external filter with filter floss, filter foam, phosphate removing media. Sump Aquarium for water changes and feeding. Advanced flow system for jellyfish suspension. Aquarium manufactured out of Glass Boro 3.3, beautiful seamless white cabinet.

Take a look at what others are saying about our jellyfish tanks…

  • Bioluminescent algae living light for your home

    Bio-Orb Package

    Pyro dinos and orb would 100 percent recommend if your looking for something different for yourself or even a unusual gift would highly recommend these pyro dinos unusual and very different and big thanks Rory For all your help and advice

    Richard graham
  • Small Moon Jellyfish

    Small Moon Jellyfish

    I ordered 3 jellyfish during the week and some live baby brine shrimp to try out the service. The jellies arrived bang on time and in great condition! They looked fantastic, especially considering the journey they had in transit. The food was also in great condition and was much easier than using the non live brine shrimp alternative, as it does not cause an ammonia spike in the tank. Delighted with this service and I have signed up for a food subscription. Many thanks!

    Stephen Muir
  • 5 Pet Moon Jellyfish

    5 x Moon Jellyfish Mix Bundle

    I ordered 10 Moon Jellyfish over 18 months ago – and I still have them – I think they still have a few months left in them. Thanks to excellent service and advice from Rory when I needed it most at the start. I now feel much more confident in keeping them (well I must be doing something right). I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing from Rory again, actually next time I may be more adventurous as I do fancy a few Japanese Sea Nettles.

    Well done and keep up the excellent work.


    Mark Hudson
  • Small Moon Jellyfish

    Small Moon Jellyfish

    Very helpful service, UK Jellyfish talked me through each step. Will buy my jellies later this month!

    Carla O'Connor
  • Blue Cannonball Jellyfish

    These blue cannonballs are amazing, much more energetic than moon jellies and just as easy to keep. 5 stars from me

    Mark Richardson
  • Medusa Desktop Aquarium Jellyfish tank

    Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

    Beautiful tank! the design is absolutely amazing and leaves little room for error. As with any tank, be careful with feeding. Ammonia levels can be tricky, but do regular water testing to ensure that you have good quality water. Overall, the tank has been a joy!

    Tyler Boes