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Small Moon Jellyfish Full Box – 20 pcs / Box


Each Trade Box Includes 20 Small Moon Jellyfish

1 box £10.00 / Jellyfish

2 boxes £8.50 / Jellyfish

3 boxes £7.50 / Jellyfish

4 boxes £6.50 / Jellyfish

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Box details

One trade box of small moon jellyfish contains 20 jellyfish.


We culture our Jellyfish here in the UK to produce the highest quality and healthiest pet Moon Jellyfish.

Unlike wild jellyfish, regularly sold in the UK, our jellyfish are free from critical temperature, salinity and disease issues.

Our pet jellyfish have a prolonged lifespan of 14 months due to in-house breeding.

Moon jellyfish are non stinging so they make ideal pets.

Watch your live jellyfish as they pulsate around your aquarium.

Small moon jellyfish are 2-3 cm bell diameter. See them grow in your own aquarium!

Additional information

Box Quantity

1 Box – 20 Jellyfish, 2 – 40 Jellyfish, 3 – 60 Jellyfish, 4 – 80 Jellyfish


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