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Dwarf Lions Mane (Ghost Jellyfish)


Beautiful Lions Mane jellyfish with long white tentacles. Measuring 3-4cm in diameter.

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Lions Mane Jellyfish (Also known as ghost jellyfish) are the largest of the jellyfish species, in the wild they can measure over 10 meters in tentacle length! In home aquarium however they grow to the size of the aquarium and stay roughly 10cm in diameter.

Lions mane jellyfish prefer these water parameters:

Salinity: 35ppt

Temperature: 16-20°C

Ammonia / Nitrates: 0

Jellyfish Size: 2-4cm diameter

These are truly an amazing jellyfish species to keep with long trailing tentacles and vigorous pulsing movements.

Lions mane jellyfish eat a diet of baby brine shrimp and other jellyfish. You can purchase frozen moon jellyfish to feed these jellyfish here.


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