Fried Egg Jellyfish

Fried Egg Jellyfish


Fried Egg Jellyfish look amazing under full spectrum lighting in the Medusa Mini Jellyfish Aquarium
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Jellyfish Size

2-5cm diameter

Jellyfish lifespan icon


Approx 14 months

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Captive Bred

Healthy and free from disease

The Healthiest Pet Jellyfish Around

We source our Jellyfish from captive breeders to produce the highest quality and healthiest pet Jellyfish.

Do you know that Fried Egg Jellyfish are non stinging so they make ideal pets? Watch them pulsate around your your tank, it’s like a living lava lamp. You will never tire of the fascinating creatures.

Caring for your FRIED EGG jellyfish

Water salinity icon

Water Salinity

35 ppt

Water Temperature

16-26 °C

Unlike wild jellyfish, regularly sold in the UK, our jellyfish are free from critical temperature, salinity and disease issues.

Our pet jellyfish have a prolonged lifespan of 14 months due to in-house breeding.

Fried Egg jellyfish are non stinging.

Watch your live jellyfish grow as they pulsate around your aquarium.

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35 ppt


Live brine shrimp, instant jellyfish food


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