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Phytoplankton Algae (Nannocloropsis)


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Highly concentrated algae (Nannocloropsis) to supplement brine shrimp.

Treat jellyfish by feeding algae either directly or by feeding to the shrimp that you’ll eventually feed to the jellyfish.

After hatching your brine shrimp sieve them into a new tank with fresh salt water and aerate for another 24-48 hours with 1ml of Highly concentrated algae.

Brine shrimp loose most of their nutritional value after 48 hours so feeding is necessary after this time. Once they’ve been fed up they are super nutritional for your jellyfish.

Great for growth and repair for all jellyfish.

Algae is one of the main food sources for jellyfish species such as Sea nettles and Cannonball jellyfish.

2 month shelf life.

refrigerate on arrival.

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45ml, 100ml


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