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How to keep jellyfish in aquariums – Beginners Guide


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Learn everything you need to know about how to keep jellyfish in aquariums with this beginners guide!

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Jellyfish are really great pets! But as with many hobbies you will need to know a few things about these marvellous creatures before you get started.

In this beginners guide you will learn about the jellyfish themselves, how to provide the best environment possible in the aquarium and many more helpful tips for jellyfish keepers.

The guide covers how to measure water parameters and choose the right aquarium for you. Enjoy learning about jellyfish and be sure you’re ready to keep jellyfish!

“Welcome! The purpose of this guide is to present the proven best methods to successfully keep jellyfish in home aquariums.

Hi, I’m Rory and I’m the owner of UK Jellyfish a company that breeds and supplies jellyfish to the aquatic market. I’ve been breeding jellyfish since I was 18 years old! As a self taught jellyfish keeper I understand the many, many questions you have right now…

Starting out can seem daunting especially when you’re expected to make big decisions like “What jellyfish tank should I choose?” and “How do I keep the jellyfish alive?!”. Thats why in this guide I will point you in the right direction, to give you the best chance of becoming a successful jellyfish keeper.”

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How to keep jellyfish in aquariums – Beginners Guide