Plus Plan – Live Enriched Brine Shrimp Subscription
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Plus Plan – Live Enriched Brine Shrimp Subscription

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Live Enriched Brine Shrimp is the best Jellyfish Food available and keeps your aquarium clean and free from excess food falling to the bottom.

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Plus Plan

The Plus Plan food subscription is for large aquariums with ten or more jellyfish.

The Benefits of Live Jellyfish Food

Live Jellyfish Food is the best source of nutrition for your jellies. Our enriched brine shrimp are high in HUFA’s (Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid’s) needed for healthy growth.

Live food won’t settle on the bottom of the aquarium stopping your water from fouling .

Keep a clean aquarium and provide a healthy treat for your jellyfish with live food!

Brine shrimp is the main source of food jellyfish would eat in the wild.

Our unique live jellyfish food is cultured at UK Jellyfish to produce strong healthy jellyfish.

How do live food subscriptions work?

Choose how many packs you need delivered each week from the dropdown above. If brine shrimp is going to be the only source of food for your jellyfish we recommend 4 packs a week.

Live brine shrimp will be delivered each week through your letter box!

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