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Blue Boost DinoNutrients


Boost the Blue glow of your PyroDinos with all natural DinoNutrients.

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Blue Boost DinoNutrients

Filtered purified Pacific Ocean Seawater with added nutrients for growing healthy and bright dinoflagellates. Blue Boost DinoNutrients has added components that help prevent contamination and protect against harmful UV rays.

Why use Blue Boost?

In the day when the PyroDinos are not producing light blue boost gives the culture a marine blue colour making it more aesthetically pleasing during daytime hours.

Added nutrient components promote a healthy culture of PyroDinos and prevents contamination.

Keep PyroDinos protected from harmful UV rays with Blue Boost DinoNutrients.


Every two weeks add between 5-10% of the total PyroDino culture of Blue boost DinoNutrients to the culture. This will give the PyroDinos more space to grow.

Whats Included?

300ml Blue Boost DinoNutrients in spout pouch.

3 month shelf life when stored in cool dark location.

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