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BioGlow Bioluminescent Algae – 10 Litres


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10 Litres of living bioluminescent algae. Enjoy the beautiful natural phenomenon of bioluminescence.


BioGlow is bioluminescent marine plankton known as dinoflagellates. Watch beautiful BioGlow sparkle in the dark of night.

BioGlow uses light to grow (like a plant) and glow blue at night when disturbed.  The natural light produced by this plankton is called Bioluminescence.  BioGlow will only light up at night, in the dark when gently swirled or shaken.  Enjoy them in the container or your favourite bottle, vase or clear container. See also the Bio-Orb specifically designed to enjoy BioGlow.

Do not drink BioGlow!  No really – do not drink them!

Instructions After delivery:

BioGlow can be stored for up to 3 months in the 10-liter carboy container when they receive daily light. After 3 months (or at anytime before) it is recommended to transfer the PyroDinos to a larger container and begin adding DinoNutrients. Loosen cap once a week to allow for some air-exchange.

BioGlow needs daily light to survive.

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Watch BioGlow in action


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BioGlow Bioluminescent Algae – 10 Litres