Jellyfish Salt Water
  • Marine Salt Water for Jellyfish

Jellyfish Salt Water


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Jellyfish Salt Water 10 Litres.

Premixed salt water for your jellyfish aquarium.

When you buy jellyfish from us help them feel right at home in their new aquarium with UK Jellyfish premixed salt water.

How many barrels will I need to fill my aquarium?

Medusa Mini Aquarium x 2 Barrels

Medusa Desktop Aquarium x 5 Barrels

Medusa Premium Aquarium x 4 Barrels

Dome Aquarium x 3 Barrels

Water Parameters.

Salinity: 24-29ppt (1.0181 – 1.0218 sg)

Ammonia: 0

Nitrates: 0


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