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Guaranties & Warranties

1 Year Tank Warranty

Between the 15th of October 2021 and January 1st 2023 UK Jellyfish guaranteed the Medusa Mini, Desktop and Cabinet Jellyfish Tank to the original purchaser against defects in components, materials, and workmanship (that occur under normal use) for a period of one year from the date of retail purchase. The warranty is not transferable and is confined to the original retail purchaser only.

Damage to the aquarium acrylic is not included. The warranty does not apply if damages result from misuse, accident, improper installation, lack of reasonable care, or if the product is not purchased from UK Jellyfish or an authorised dealer, damage due to modification or alteration that is made to the product, wrong circuitry or unspecified electrical input to the pump.

The pump, light and aquarium are all covered under the warranty. The electrical components can be replaced twice throughout the duration of the warranty. The aquarium can be refurbished twice throughout the duration of the warranty and replaced only if necessary once. Consumable goods such as filtration are not covered under the warranty.

A copy of original purchase receipt and order number are required for return of the defective product. After any repairs/replacement of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the original purchase warranty.

The time taken for repair/replacement and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period. All returns must be made in original packaging.

Please be aware, this guarantee has expired and no longer applies to aquariums purchased from UK Jellyfish since January 1st 2023.

Price Match Guarantee

Seen it cheaper elsewhere? As of the 15th of October 2021 We offer you the opportunity to submit a price match request.

Price Match can be requested by emailing support@ukjellyfish.co.uk

If we are able to offer a reduced price the difference will be applied in store credit. You then have 3 days to complete the purchase before the reduced price expires.

Please note products must be identical, in stock, not clearance or special offer, and must include the cost of a comparable delivery service. We unfortunately can not offer to price match any livestock or items from outside of the UK. Price matches will not be applicable on items already discounted.

Extended 14 Day Jellyfish Guarantee

This Guarantee can be applied when a customer purchases one of UK Jellyfish’s package products.

As of the 15th of October 2021 If a jellyfish perishes within 14 days of entering the aquarium UK Jellyfish will replace them free of charge. The following conditions must be met.

The aquarium must have been set up and cycled correctly following our included set up guide. The aquarium should have no modifications and no external products added to the aquarium water. This includes any water treatment chemicals supplied by other retailers.

  1. You must take delivery of your order upon its arrival day and acclimate it to the tank that day.
  2. Customer must acclimate the new arrivals according to our Acclimation Procedures even if they appear to be lifeless. Many times, specimens that look dead will frequently recover within minutes when acclimated.
  3. Tap water cannot have been used in the tank. Jellyfish require salt water that has been made from distilled water or passed through a reverse osmosis filter. This is included with all packages.
  4. Delivery must be in the United Kingdom.